Good Smells Room and Linen Sprays
Good Smells Room and Linen Sprays
Good Smells Room and Linen Sprays

Good Smells Room and Linen Sprays

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Good Smells Room and Linen Sprays (8 fl. oz.)

Pthalate and Paraben-Free

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Handmade by Good Boys, Guam 


Good Home (White Tea & Ginger)
white tea buds, peonies, geraniums, mums, ginger, sandalwood, thyme

Boboy-kun's go-to way of settling into sleepy mornings, rainy days, and busy afternoons is with a cup of tea. Let the pleasant scent of white tea buds and ginger fill your home and your heart while you gather with friends, cook and clean, or unwind in the tub with this room and linen spray!

Let's make a good home!

* * *

Good Mood (Moss & Lavender)
moss, lavender, amber, sage, orange, tonka bean

A Boboy-kun concoction that will momentarily carry you away to a cozy mountaintop cabin. The smell of lavender and moss will lull you to sleep right in front of your make-believe fireplace, bring the great outdoors to your indoor camping party, and turn your bubbling bath into a babbling brook. A good mood is only a spritz away!

Let's get into a good mood!

* * *

Good Day (Grapefruit & Mint)
grapefruit, mint, rhubarb, rose, lavender, apple, vanilla

When Boboy-kun wants to have a good day, he kicks it off with his favorite grapefruit and mint scented candle. Energize and revitalize with this bright and sweet scent! When you're having a busy day at work, delving into your new found hobby, or just in dire need of a pick-me-up, you can count on this spray to bring you a good day!

Let's have a good day!


Directions for use: This product is intended for freshening up spaces and linens. Shake well before each use. Spray towards the center of the room away from your eyes and face. For linens, patch test in a conspicuous area to check for discoloration. Always keep away from children and pets. Recycle glass bottle after use!

Ingredients: Distilled water, Fragrance, Emulsifier, Preservative.

Refill Instructions (Guam only): After using all your room and linen spray, you can opt for a refill at a discounted price. Choose Refill my bottle in the options above, provide your contact information in checkout, and Good Boys will contact you with further instructions. Let's help the environment together! 

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